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Health Innovation NW began as the Seattle Health Innovation Forum in 2013, a MeetUp group that has grown to over 2,000 members. Drawing initially from Seattle’s digital health startup community, we wanted to create a way to bring innovators together from academia, the health institutions, life sciences, and design communities. By hosting over 24 forums on a wide range of topics over the past 6 years we have built relationships across the many silos that characterize modern healthcare. As a grass-roots organization participants can attend events as individuals without any pressure to officially represent their employers.  

In 2015 we initiated our annual “Health Innovator of the Year” awards program to celebrate the innovators among us. Designed to promote leadership attributes necessary to success in healthcare innovation, this annual event has become another way to encourage the cultivation of outstanding human capital in our region.

In early 2016 we formed a non-profit corporation to increase our community impact by having more ways for interested people to get involved, to explore longer term projects, and to have a platform for working with other community groups.

Officers, board members

The Seattle Health Innovators leadership team consists of event organizers, officers, and a board of directors. 

    Corporate officers include:

    • Terri Butler, PhD, President
    • Kristin Helps, RN VP Operations
    • Scott Kennedy, CPA, Treasurer

    Board members include:

    • Katherine Brown, Pharm.D.
    • Edmund Butler
    • Jo Masterson

    Other members of the leadership team include:

    • Vera Ranguelova, MD  
    • Jesse Bergeron  
    • Corey Kennedy
    • Graham Kim, PhD
    • John Foy, MD PhD
    • Alicia Poras, RN
    • add more…

    Meetup Group highlights

    The Pacific Northwest is home to a growing concentration of life sciences institutions, universities, healthcare delivery systems, health insurance companies, medical device manufacturers and large employers who care a lot about healthcare. The Seattle area in  particular has experienced rapid growth in high tech industries that have brought over 100,000 new jobs to the area in the past 6 years. 

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