The picture above is from the August 29, 2013 Seattle Health Innovation meetup held at the SURF Incubator in downtown Seattle.

We have organized “Seattle Health Innovators” to support the individuals actively making health innovation happen. This community consists of entrepreneurs in businesses, innovators working within health institutions, activated patients, employers, and the general public. It is for anyone who is working to make a difference in healthcare.

This forum will allow health innovators to informally share market insight, product ideas, and to connect with each other. Ultimately it is about building a health innovation community in Seattle that can be successful in transforming care, lowering costs, and improving the quality of lives. We see this as a commons where innovators can network, form creative alliances, make new relationships, and gain market insight from colleagues, patients, and experts in aligned fields.

This is the first of what will be a series of blog entries from the Seattle Health Innovation Forum. We just launched this blog  a few days ago so please expect the content and format to improve dramatically in coming weeks.

Ed Butler

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