Join us for networking and delicious refreshments at Cambia Grove on Thursday April 12, 2018.
Register at this link.

First, we’ll have a Quick Pitch…

Any topic, not just AI! The purpose of this informal super-quick stand-up is to kick off our networking by connecting people who have ideas to those who can help them. Any idea is welcome, however far along it is!

Then jump on an Event Team…

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
The overall theme this year is, “AI in Healthcare.” We plan to have separate events looking at opportunities, challenges, and risks from different angles. Join one of these planning teams!
– Patient Perspective
– Provider Perspective
– Payor Perspective
– Research Perspective
These events can be panel discussions, hackathons, pitch events or whatever format you think will be best to move innovation forward.

Annual Awards
We will also be forming a team to start early planning for our Annual Awards event, held in December. What should the criteria be this year? Who can help with judging? Let’s put the criteria out early so people can start thinking about who is working in the space and deserves a call-out for an award.

See you on April 12!



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