What a night it was! On December 6th a crowd of nearly 150 people came out for the Fourth Annual Seattle Health Innovators Awards Ceremony to honor the 24 finalists and hear who this year’s winners of the four categories were. The categories included Collaboration, Customer Focus, Imagination, and Perseverance. Finalists came from healthtech, public health, pharma, digital imaging, and more.

Scott Kennedy, Treasurer of Seattle Health Innovators, led the program, introducing the finalists by category and highlighting the work of each. The range of contributions impressed the audience and led many in the crowd to reach out during the post-ceremony networking for deeper discussions.

Check out pictures from the awards.

The evening kicked off with the Collaboration category. First place was Elya Prystowsky, PhD, executive Director at Olympic Community of Health, who, as part of the Health Commons Team made up of Quad Aim Partners, Accountable Community of Care on the Olympic Peninsula and Greater Columbia and Puget Sound Fire, implemented digital systems to coordinate care efficiently, improving provider workflow and response times. Second place was Daphne Pie, of Public Health Seattle and King County, who took extraordinary strides to reduce the rate of populations without health insurance, resulting in King County’s rate of uninsured being only 4.5%

The Customer Focus category first place winner was Robbie Cape, co-founder and CEO of 98point6. The goal of 98point6 is to make primary care more affordable and accessible which the company does by harnessing the power of technology to support clinical staff and making a primary care doctor accessible through a phone-based app. Robbie’s exceptional focus on the user experience led to his nomination. Second place prize went to David Cerino, Product Leader for Digital Innovation at Providence, who led the Express Care program development and deployment, with exceptional focus on customer experience. Express Care is inside 40 Walgreens locations and is accessible via telehealth with an @Home service. The service has received high customer satisfaction ratings and evidenced by a Net Promoter Score of 70.

The Imagination category brought in the largest number of nominations with a roster of twelve. First place was won by University of Washington neurosurgical resident, Lynn McGrath, MD. Lynn and his team created PupilScreen, a phone-based app aiming to be a screening tool for traumatic brain injury such as concussion, not only useful in the hospital setting, but at the ball playing field. Second place was won by Shawn Iadonato, PhD, CEO of Kineta, a Seattle biotechnology company with several drugs in the pipeline, one which is a pain therapy acting on a physiologic pathway such that it would be a nonaddictive alternative to opioids.

Lastly, the Perseverance category first place winner was Beth Kolko, PhD, CEO of Shift Labs. Beth and her team developed DripAssist, a simple, easy to use IV drip rate monitor that replaces the pump at the hospital bedside. DripAssist is used across the US and around the world, but the journey to this point was long and arduous. Second place was won by Neal Sofian, who developed the first widely deployed smoking cessation program, Free and Clear (now called Quit for Life) in the ‘80s and has not stopped innovating since. He has always pushed the boundaries in healthcare and is currently CEO of a startup company called tuzag that aims to dramatically increase optimal use medical care through a conversational artificial intelligence concierge.

Check out all of the finalists in the previous blog announcement and watch our website for more photos and links to videos of the event, www.healthinnovator.org. We are grateful to our sponsor, Cambia Grove!

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