One of every seven or 14% of Washingtonians are not covered by Health Insurance. This is 960 thousand people. At the end of November, 159 thousand enrolled into Medicaid. Another 74 thousand are enrolled or enrolled but still need to pay, into Qualified Health Plan enrollees. While this is good progress, this means about three quarters of the uninsured are not covered to date.

The  Kaiser Family Foundation outlines Washington insurance coverage in the following:

Employer Other Private Medicaid Medicare Other Public Uninsured Total
3,388,200 319,800 1,074,900 871,700 180,600 959,300 6,794,300


 Washington State Health Insurance  Markets


Currently 50% of insurance coverage is by employer groups while 30% is by Medicare/Medicaid. The individual market(other private) is less than 5% of the total..

Washington Medicaid is now called Apple Health – as of end of November an additional 159,000 enrolled into Medicaid. This is a 15% increase, totaling 1.25 million enrollees. This is currently the largest market after Employers Groups. The Health Plans participating in Apple Health are as follows:

· Amerigroup

· Community Health Plan of Washington

· Coordinated Care Corporation

· Molina

· United Healthcare

Qualified Health Plans for the Individual Market(Other Private):

The total QHP enrollment is close to 75 thousand. This is 23% growth in the other Private market of 320,000. It still represents a small share of the insurance market. This is a market to watch regarding a successful implementation of uninsured into insurance coverage.

I have met some of you at Seattle Health Innovators and I am truly amazed what I have learned from meeting you and the strong commitment to impact the healthcare community.Please let us know what would be helpful research within the distinct markets for follow up discussions.


Scott Kennedy, Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP)

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