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The March 5, 2014 Seattle Health Innovation Forum focused on lessons learned by some of the area’s leading pioneers in in consumer health and wellness. We had a reasonably good turnout- about 57-  in spite of a rainstorm, traffic gridlock and the prior week’s service outage at Meetup.Com.

Marcelo Calbucci, Julie Keintz, and Rebecca Norlander each shared their insights in how to most effectively reach consumers and to achieve positive health behavior changes. Marcello kicked it off with a provocative list of “pet peeves” from having worked in this space for a number of years.  Julie shared some of the exciting work done at the University of Washington’s Human Centered Design program, and Rebecca gave us a front row seat view of her startup just as they are gaining traction and starting to achieve national visibility.

Anne Weiler, CEO of Wellpepper, took wonderful notes and did a great recap in her blog at this link.

Last week the volunteer Seattle Health Innovation forum program committee discussed lessons learned from this event. Our purpose in organizing these forums is to continue to help build a community of people and companies who want to make a difference in healthcare. Things we think we did well include

  • drawing on our individual networks of relationships and collectively deciding who to invite
  • having a unifying theme for these different presentations followed by a brief panel discussion
  • maintaining the balance between formal program and informal networking time. The presentations and panel served to stimulate additional networking among audience members.

Areas where we see opportunities for improvement include-

  • having more non-alcoholic drink choices. 4 varieties of beer and one variety of bottled water was not balanced
  • video recording presentations so that they can be streamed later. We are exploring ways to raise money to do this and volunteers who are interested in helping.
  • improving the lighting on the stage

Our next event will be announced soon. Please reserve May 6, 2014 at 5:30pm at the SURF Incubator in downtown Seattle. For details and to get on the distribution please sign up on our our page:

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