The nomination process for the 2015 Seattle Health Innovator of the year is open! Now what?

The Seattle Health Innovator Awards are intended as an opportunity to recognize those in the community who are pushing the envelope in health innovation. It’s about asking someone you were inspired by at an event or at a meeting to coffee, to understand more about what they are working on. It’s about acknowledging the work of someone you collaborated with. Ultimately, it’s about building the health innovation community in the Puget Sound area.  Nominate here.

In order to resolve a few commonly asked questions regarding the nomination process, please refer below. 

Q: Does the nomination have to be for something done just in 2015?

Not necessarily – we all recognize innovation can take years of work.

Q: Help! I’m stuck on the nomination form!

Consider using the nomination as an opportunity to go to lunch with someone you are interested in talking to or  someone who inspired you to think a little differently.

Q: Can I nominate a co-worker?

Definitely – in fact, we encourage it! We don’t always have the opportunity to recognize the work of our teams to an outside audience.

Q: As a leader at a small startup, can I nominate anyone on my team?

Yes! Especially in the startup environment, we don’t always have the means to recognize those on our team that drive innovation. This is a great opportunity to do so.


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