Health Innovation NW is a Washington non-profit corporation. We are a grassroots organization formed because of the need to create deeper connections within the health innovation community in Seattle. We started by organizing the Seattle Health Innovation Forum in May 2013. From the caliber of speakers to the non-stop mingling among our members that we have had, we knew we had formed something bigger than just a meetup group. After 3 years of organizing events together, in 2016 we founded Health Innovation NW, a Washington non-profit corporation, so that we can take our collaboration to new levels. There is so much more we can do together to make a positive impact locally and globally. Our mission Our mission is to empower individual change agents in health and life sciences to connect, to educate the community, and to directly advance health innovation. What we’re doing We produce educational forums, research projects, networking opportunities, leadership development programs, and collaborative initiatives to advance health innovation In healthcare, in order to challenge the norms and push the boundaries, we need to first understand the current state of healthcare, and then to empower those daring innovators by creating a supporting community around them. It’s simple. You are the innovators and we want to be your support. Health Innovation NW exists to address the need to support innovators working on the technologies, business models, and services to transform healthcare as we know it to achieve better results in an economically sustainable way. We hope to provide a way for innovators to connect with each other and with the community.  We provide a forum for sharing insights from startups, existing healthcare institutions, life science researchers, and individuals interested in the dramatic changes occurring in the global health system. Call to action We would LOVE for you to give back to the community by volunteering to help; whether it’s speaker recommendation, sponsor opportunity, sharing of your own story, participating in a service project, or simply be an advocate for the group. Feel free to contact usWe look forward to working with you!  
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